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Forums : Bard Forum > Bard Epic 1.5 Walkthrough
Kaewewen (Member) 7/14/2005 8:17 AM EST : Bard Epic 1.5 Walkthrough
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Original Post Found At;

This compilation is assuming you have epic 1.0. there are other quests you must do if you dont have 1.0, and I will add these sometime later.

Talk to Lantaric`Dar in Wakening Lands at Loc pos416 pos3951. here is the chat log posted by Toraen:

[Thu Sep 16 03:08:04 2004] You say, 'Hail, Lantaric`Dar'

[Thu Sep 16 03:08:04 2004] Lantaric`Dar seems surprised as you approach him. He peers down at you with an inquisitive glint in his eyes. 'I sense a familiar aura around you Human. One I have not felt in a long time. Tell me Human, do you have news of a man named Baldric?

[Thu Sep 16 03:09:54 2004] You say, 'I know Baldric Slezaf'

[Thu Sep 16 03:09:54 2004] Lantaric`Dar 's eyes glitter with energy as you mention Baldric's Name. 'So I was not mistaken, you do know Baldric. He was a friend, and as a great a mortal as I have ever known. You must be an exceptional mortal yourself if Baldric saw fit to bequeath the blade to you. Yes I know of it. I could feel it's energy around your body. Perhaps fate has brought you to me this day. I am in great need of help Human.

[Thu Sep 16 03:09:54 2004] Lantaric`Dar says 'One of our scouts recently came upon a band of mercenaries in possession of a letter from King Tormax. The letter described a mission to recover relics from the necropolis. This can not be allowed to happen. The holy resting place of my kin shall not be defiled! Journey to the necropolis and stop the mercenaries. Bring me anything you might find that would provide a clue as to what Tormax has planned.'

Travel to Dragon Necropolis and you will see several spawns of mercenaries. I killed the normal ones around the ent with Tuney on povar and a named Excavator popped. killed him with 2 bards shammy and warrior. he summons and hits for around 400. then a named spawned further in called Tarn Macklin. He has past the large wall in a little building with some guards who are not lullable. killed with 3 bads shammy and warrior. hits for around 500 and has a lot of hp. he dropps a cracked dragon bone. I have gave this bone to Lantaric and got this response:

My greatest fears have been proven true Half Elf. The fragment you recovered from the mercenaries is a piece of the skeleton of Hsagra. The deceased mate of Yelinak and the only dragon of the first brood who has been put to rest. They are fools to think they can animate the corpse of Hsagra. No mortal can hope to manipulate the power of a fallen child of Veeshan. Never the less you must protect her relics from the mercenaries. Tormax will most certainly send more. Return to the necropolis and locate relics of Hsagra and put them to final rest in the pool of fire. Hsagra's skull is still held by tormax, but if you collect three of her rib bones and the shard you brought me they will suffice for the fires of the necropolis.
You must summon the spirit of Hsagra if you hope to put her to final rest. go to the fires and call to her spirit and she will surely answer to one marked with the symbol of the kin. give her spirit the relics of her broken body and her final rest will be complete. Hurry Pandolin, before Kromzek mercenareis find the rest of her relics!

you will need a Dragon Wing Bone, Dragon Claw Bone, and Dragon Tail Bone in addition to cracked bone. they are either in groundspawns(-179 1604 -256, 1575 1026 -136, 907 -624 3) in the bone piles or can drop off of constructs who are trap spawns when you walk over the bone piles. I personally got most of mine by meleeing constructs down, but thats before I knew of the groundspawnsSmiley when you have these you can go to Hsagra's shade in the east end of the zone. hailing gets you text asking for the pieces. on hand in, 12 68+ mobs spawn which hit for 700+ and one named 68+ which hits for 800+ spawns. brell.twistt tried it with 7 and it didnt happen, and is where I got this info. will need 3-5 groups probably to get this done. am hoping to try after rondo raid tonight and I'll keep this updated (didnt happenSad)

here is the info Tounces has gathered on the encouter:

First off, an Overview of the room itself. It has about 12 Chetari in it, which should likely be cleared before hand. It ALSO has a Swarm-Beetle Trap which triggers RIGHT next to Hsarga. I'd like to thank the asshole who came up with that idea. The beetles have an insane agro range and see invis.

On turning in the 4 peices to Hsagra's Shade, the event starts.

4 lvl 69+ Mercenary Guards spawn
3 lvl 69+ Marijakin Acolytes Spawn
3 lvl 69+ A Lumbering Zombie Spawn
1 named Vesthan lvl 69+ spawns.
Hsagra's Shade poofs and respawns.

The Acoyles --- These do not summon, hit for 837(with 4% shielding), and have 50k HP. They do not despawn for a long time afterwords. They Spawn in the entranceway that leads into the room. Slowable, low resists.

The Mercenary Guards -- These do not summon, hit for about 800 , and have 60k hp. They regen un-agro'd at 7% per tic. Again, these do not despawn for a very long time if ever. They spawn in the entranceway that leads into the room.

The Lumbering Zombie's, These do not summon, hit for about 800, and have 150k hp. They regen un-agro'd at 3% per tic. Again these do not despawn. They spawn a short ways from Hsarga, and have an average sized agro range.

Vesthan--- Hits for around 800, Unknown amount of HP --- He despawns within 3 minutes of triggering the event. So you don't have very long to do the whole event. He spawns in between the Zombie's and the entrance-way to the room. Agro'ing him does NOT agro the mobs at the entrance to the room, but it DOES agro the zombies.

I believe the mobs at the entrance are not meant to be part of the event itself, but more of an incentive not to pull the named out of the room. It is likely that the named is meant to be engaged with the Zombie's only.
Anyway. Vesthan despawns within 3 minutes of turn in (I believe if he is not being melee'd -Pan). After doing it once already, I triggered the event again and another 10 mobs spawned(oh lovely 20 lvl 70's now permanently up). I single-pulled him out of the pack to engage and kill him with a group.

Which was utterly pointless since he despawns so fast. This is PURELY a Zerg encounter, there is NO STRATEGY involved. The timer makes sure of that, basically any time you'd spend trying to single him would make it so you had no chance to kill him.

The fight requires about 3 groups of GoD geared people so I d assume add one group per tier level.

Was kind of surprising I guess but its nothing really too hard, just fight in the room don't pull outside. **You engage and beat down vesthan but before he died he gates out and a dracolich named Abomination spawns. Kill him for the "blackened dragon bones" which you turn in to lantaric.**

Posted: Sep 17 04 8:40 PM
Second raid is spawned by reentering DN after giving Lantaric the blackened bones. It can be respawned at will by camping or zoning in and out of DN. Vesthan is back with some guards and you must kill him. this time he dies and spawnsa Dracolich of Hsagra. The draco from this fight drops the orb. read below for more details.

Finished second raid. Had 53 GoD geared people and lived with 14 Left BUT thats because we had no clue what would happens and weren't prepared. You can trigger the encounter at will by just camping out and back in once it has poofed.

I would say 30 GoD geared people ready for it could do it easily. The loot was a$ for the difficulty, 115Hp boots attuneable. Once again won't spoil whole fight especially since you cannot blow it. Just as a hint put clerics in all groups ( or at least shaman) and load up cure/word of replenishement

Text fight inc:

[Sat Sep 18 03:22:05 2004] Vesthon Marijakin's corpse shouts 'No! Not yet! The lich is not yet bound to me! I cannot control it!' and then crumbles to the ground. As his lifeless head cracks against the ground, you see a dark orb roll from his hands and bounce across the ground towards the desecrated dragon bones. You see faint black wisps of smoke waft off of the orb towards the bones. As the vapor touches each bone they begin to quiver with unnatural life. It seems the ceremony was not entirely unsuccessful.'
[Sat Sep 18 03:22:05 2004] The bones quiver and swirl through the air beginning to form the all too familiar shape of a draconic skeleton. The black wisps of smoke swirl around each bone enveloping the skeleton. The orb snakes up between the rib and neck bones and eventually comes to rest inside the skull of the abomination. An unfamiliar voice echoes through the caverns, `I live once more! Feeble insects, feel the power of Oshiruk!'
[Sat Sep 18 03:22:05 2004] The Dracoliche of Hsagra rears back as black fog swirls from its festering maw. The ground beneath its feet begins to crack and blacken, defiled by the mere touch of the undead monstrosity before you. You get the distinct feeling it's looking to take more then just your life.

Draco dies :
Sep 18 03:23:54 2004] The Dracoliche of Hsagra's corpse reels back staggering blindly from left to right. The bones begin to quiver violently for a moment and then bulk of the skeleton collapses in a cold heap of bones and blackened fog. Mysteriously the skull and the orb linger in the air momentarily. A deafening silence fills the cavern for what seems an eternity before the skull explodes in a torrent of energy and bone. You turn away for a moment stunned by the blast of energy. As you turn back towards the remains you notice the black orb rolling quietly between two fragments of bone on the silent floor of the necropolis.

Turning in item to Lantaric:

[Sat Sep 18 03:52:16 2004] Lantaric`Dar says 'It must be an object of considerable power to be able to imbue a mere mortal such as Vesthon with the power to control a dragon kin spirit. This orb must be destroyed, but I know not how that might be done. For now I entrust the orb to your care, and charge you with finding a way to destroy it. You must not fail Kinuvan. An artifact of that much evil potential must not be allowed to exist.'

[Sat Sep 18 03:53:28 2004] Lantaric`Dar says 'The kin thank you for your efforts in saving the spirit of Hsagra. May Veeshan guide your path in the destruction of the orb.'

Edit: about the encounter, you got to understand that we were unprepared, had 0 aa average level 68 and no spell. Its safe to assume that 30/36 people with elem and maybe VT even all level 70 with some AA/spell could do it too.

Still gathering info on this stuff, here is what kinu posted. It seems that you need the orb to do this part.

From the npc in sol ro temple (Walthin Fireweaver?) I got a note that said:

as well as
record of
swamp drag
Theses dragons
environement the
take the form of
native to their ha
perceved rarity. P'create the focus crystal.

The full note I guess spells out this step but I dont have all the info. Apparently there are now 4 dragons that show up as dire animals that you must kill. there are as follows:

A Dire Panda- Stonebrunt Mountains
A Dire Leech- Swamp of No Hope
A Dire Griffon- North Karana
A Dire Kodiak- Jagged Pine

In total, you need 8 dragon crystals to form a "draconic prism" along with dragorn blood. The dragorn blood drops from dragon creatures in oow (have seen them drop in wos personally). You get the first 4 crystals from killing the above named, and the other 4 are foraged in Skyfire Mountains. you then need to combine another gem with the crystals dropped from the dragons. here are the ones we know so far.

Plains Crystal - Gray Diamond of Storms
Forest Crystal - Yellow Diamond of Valor
Swamp Crystal - Green Diamond of Disease
Mountain Crystal - White Diamond of Justice
Wind Crystal - Cloudy Diamond of Air
Fire Crystal - Red Diamond of Fire
Earth Crystal - Brown Diamond of Earth
Water Crystal - Aqua Diamond of Water

the wind, fire, earth, and water crystals are foraged in Skyfire or bought in the baz.
the diamonds can be bazaar bought or get the ingredients and have a chanter make em.

In order to do the combines I believe you must use the dragon crystal, appropriate diamond, an enchanted bar of velium, and a dragorn blood in this way:
-Enchanted bar of velium + diamondxx + crystalxx + dragorn blood = prism xx

once they are all done, and you show them to Walthin, you get this:
Walthin Fireweaver says 'Kinuvan! Thank Veeshan you're here! I discovered how to create the draconic prism! The secret has been here all along. One of the ancient crests of the temple was the key! It seems we are not the first bards to undertake the quest for the draconic prism. I'll explain later, but you must hurry, the crest has been stolen! Not a day ago it was here, so the thief can't have gotten far. You must find the thief and recover the crest Kinuvan!'

the thief spawns in kithicor as a cloaking figure. once killed he drops a crest that is an 8 slot container and a note from a person named Metala. place all the crystals in the crest and combine to form the draconic prism.

go talk to Vhalen Nostrolo in NK. He tells you about a bard named Metala that he was once involved with. If you give him the note that you looted from the thief he says:
Vhalen Nostrolo says 'No this can't be true! Metala must have been kidnapped and forced to sign this letter! You must find her and save her, Kinuvan! Please! Take this necklace; it was a gift she gave me on our anniversary long ago. Surely it will help her remember her true self and make her come to her senses.'

You then go to the Plane of Torment and you will find Metala. I believe she will show up as a "bruised woman". Killing her with 2 groups went easy supposedly, but she casts silence so hide the casters. here is the fight text:

a bruised woman 's eyebrows shift into the shadow of a quizzical expression as you show her the necklace. A flash of recognition crosses her face and she jerks back across the floor in horror. A screeching wail tears through your mind `You are a fool Vahlen! You send these peasants to do your dirty work, you never were much for getting your hands dirty! The path of pain is the only way to true power. I will never turn from it!'
You notice a distinct change in the air around you as something inside your packs grows hot and heavy. Black tendrils sprout from your pack as the words of Hsagra echo in your mind. Beware the orb!
Black ooze begins to float out from Kinuvan's body and wrap around Metala's body as she twitches and spasms violently.
As you struggle to regain your balance and equilibrium you look on in horror as Metala's body begins to twitch and jerk. Bones snapping and sinew stretching. Her face seems to struggle against her bones as they contort into a horrific new visage of torment.

When she dies:

Metala Von Korach's corpse stumbles as black blood floods from the wound at her side onto the floor beneath you. She falls to the ground and continues to twitch and jerk, causing splatters of her own black blood to smear across the floor. You gaze horrified at her gaping wound and realize there is a sword hilt lodged inside of her still warm corpse. For a moment you think the hilt is moving, but then struggle to keep from retching as you realize the body is filled with maggots.

She drops a rusted etched bile blade. it is a 2 slot container but just place the draconic prism in it and hit combine to create:

this is the end of epic 1.5. the orb wasnt really used, and the mera quest doesnt seem to be involved yet. maybe 2.0? grats to kinuvan for being the first bard serverwide to complete the epic.

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