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Forums : Cleric Forum > A Helpful and Complete set of notes for Clerics on thier 1.5 Epic Quest
537473877_Inactive (Applicant) 11/10/2005 4:54 AM EST : A Helpful and Complete set of notes for Clerics on th...

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Greetings Clerics of MM. I happened upon a rather nice looking and seemingly quite complete breakdown of exactly what needs to be done and where for Clerics questing for their 1.5 Harmony of the Soul, which I for one will be quite happy to see our clerics have.

While a certain cleric well known for slacking was doing what he so often did best, I happened to lift this from the unsuspecting chatterbox....

My Complete Cleric Epic 1.5 Walkthrough

My Cleric Epic 1.5 Checklist
[ ] Nedaria’s Landing - Talk to Tavon Vastsea
[ ] Barindu - (1-2 Groups) Talk to Jomaj Kaiijin. Kill a Kyv Runner. Slay random mobs to loot  "Encrypted Note"
[ ] Abysmal Sea - Give "Encrypted Note" to Shav the Cryptologist
[ ] Ferubi - Collect 4 map pieces (Ripped, Shredded, Tattered, Torn)
[ ] Abysmal Sea - Give map pieces to Shav the Cryptologist. Receive "Assembled Map" in return.
[ ] Nedaria’s Landing – Give Cartographer Tweister the "Assembled Map"
[ ] Lesser Faydark - (Raid Event) Kill Taskmaster Mirot. Loot "Magically Sealed Letter"
[ ] Nedaria’s Landing - Turn letter into Tavon. Receive "Dark Disciples Letter of Service"
[ ] Wakening Lands - Give Letter of Service to Scout Leader Plavo.
[ ] Western Wastes - Collect "Dragon Cerebrum" from Scout Perri
[ ] Ahkeva Ruins - Collect "Ahkevan Brain Stem" from Atulinae`Vius
[ ] Ssra Temple - "Shissar Cerebral Cortex" from An Elite Temple Guard
[ ] Wakening Lands - Turn in brains to Plavo.
[ ] Wakening Lands - (Raid Event) Defeat Dark Disciple Master. Loot a shield called "Aegis of Chaotic Worship"
[ ] Nedaria’s Landing – Hand Tavon the Aegis shield
[ ] Plane of Knowledge – Hand Borik Darkanvil the Aegis shield
[ ] Ruined City of Dranik – Talk to Natvil
[ ] Walls of Slaughter – Collect "Bazu Plasma" from a Bazu
[ ] Walls of Slaughter – Collect "Murkglider Plasma" from a Murkglider in the caves
[ ] Walls of Slaughter – Collect "Pyrilen Plasma" from a Dragorn Assassin
[ ] Plane of Knowledge – (Brewing) Combine the 3 Plasma to create "Soul Temper"
[ ] Plane of Knowledge – (Smithing) Combine "Soul Temper", "Aegis of Chaotic Worship", and a flask of water in a forge to create your "Harmony of Soul"

NCG Cleric Epic 1.5 Checklist
Stage One:
[ ] I have epic 1.0
[ ] I have killed the Kyv Runner and have my encrypted note
[ ] I have found the 4 map quarters and gotten my assembled map
[ ] I have fought the 6 skeletons and gotten my Magically Sealed Note

Stage Two:
[ ] I have turned in my Sealed Note and received my Dark Disciples Letter
[ ] I have my Akhevian Brain Stem
[ ] I have my Shissar Cerebral Cortex
[ ] I have my Dragon Cerebrum
[ ] I have killed the Dark Disciple Master and received the Aegis of Chaotic Worship

Stage Three:
[ ] I have Bazu Plasma
[ ] I have Pyrilan Plasma
[ ] I have Murkglider Plasma
[ ] I have brewed my Soul Temper
[ ] I have smithed my Harmony of the Soul

The Complete Cleric Epic 1.5 Walkthough
(Taken from several sources but primarily verbatim from Triton Clerics)
There are a total of 10 solo, 4 group and 2 raid event steps.

Solo 1
Hail Tavon Vastsea at Nedaria's Landing to begin the quest.

Group 1
Barindu, The Hanging Gardens
 Find Jomaj Kaiijin (2 Hour Respawn Max if not up on zone in)
 Loc Approx: +135,-680 in the "corn stalks" near Tipt/Vxed entrance.

You say, 'Hail, Jomaj Kaiijin'

Jomaj Kaiijin says 'Please don't hurt me! Oh, you aren't one of them. Are you here
to ask about the [Wayfarers] that I spoke with?'

You say, 'what wayfarers?'

Jomaj Kaiijin says 'They came to me, asking about the Legion. They wanted to know information on the ranks, how to contact the leaders. They claimed they were looking for information to infiltrate the Legion, but they seemed a little off, even for the Brotherhood. They gave me this note to pass on to the Legion. The whole situation did not seem right to me, you may have the [note]. If they were honestly with the Brotherhood return it to me, and I'll do what they asked. Anything to be rid of these creatures.'

You say, 'what note?'

Jomaj Kaiijin reaches into his tattered robes. As he begins to pull out the note he is impaled in the chest with an arrow. A dark figure melts from the shadows and pulls the note from the hand of the body.

At this point A Kyv Runner spawns and becomes agressive.

Kyv Runner:
 Max Hit 900
 Does not summon
 Pull in Tipt/Vext area for safety

When you kill the runner you will get this text:

"As the runner falls to the ground it manages to wrap the note around an arrow and shoot it into the ground nearby, where it is quickly picked up by a Muramite."

Once the Kyv Runner is dead, slay random creatures in the area to gain the "Encrypted Note".
Important: The note can be on any mob in zone at this point.

Verified to drop off of the Clayed Laborer, ghosts in the field, Mastrugs, etc - and don’t forget to check pet corpses!

Solo 2
Abysmal Sea - Find Shav the Cryptologist (Across From Necro Spell Vendor: Use Find)
Located two decks below the Magus in the second room on the right.

You give Shav the Cryptologist the “Encrypted Note“.

Shav the Cryptologist says "Interesting, you say someone who claims to be part of the Brotherhood wrote this? This is one of the dialects used by the Legion. I am the only one able to read or write any of their languages, and this is the first I have seen of this note. From what I can tell, the author is trying to arrange a meeting with the Muramites. It sounds like the contact spot is pre-arranged, as it is only vaguely referred to here. I doubt this is the first note of this nature, perhaps if you could find earlier correspondence we can find the location of the camp."

Group 2
Gather a balanced group and head to Ferubi.

Slay random mobs to collect the following map pieces. It’s been said that many sets of map pieces drop during the Smith Rondo event.

See Ferubi Map for marked locations.

Map Pieces (Lore, No Drop)
 Ripped Quarter of a Map - Lower Left - Riwwi & Barindu Entrances (Very common drop)
 Shredded Quarter of a Map - Upper Right - Smith Rondo Event Area (Semi Rare drop)
 Tattered Quarter of a Map - Lower Right - Riwwi & Barindu Entrances (Very common drop)
 Torn Quarter of a Map - Upper Left - Votal Event Area (Semi Rare drop)

Solo 3
You go back to Abysmal Sea and give Shav the Cryptologist the 4 Map Pieces.

Shav the Cryptologist says “Ahh yes, this is exactly what we needed.” She scratches a few notes down on a piece of paper.

"Bring this to Tweister in Nedaria's Landing. She will tell you the location of the camp."

Receive "Assembled Map"

Solo 4
Nedaria's Landing - Find Cartographer Tweister
Upon zone in, she is on the first dock. Located on the right dock, Loc. +1010, 2725

You Hand Cartographer Tweister the “Assembled Map“.

Cartographer Tweister pulls out a map and a compass and beings triangulating the coordinates, 'This location is in the South Western corner of Lesser Faydark“.

She keeps the map and does not give anything back to you.

Lesser Faydark - Find Taskmaster Mirot

This is a pretty big event in the southwest corner of Lfay. Gather as many as you can and warn all those adventurers in the zone not to wander close!

A Cleric must Hail Taskmaster Mirot to begin the event.
(Other classes will get a message that the camp isn't ready).

You say, ‘Hail, Taskmaster Mirot”

After you hail Taskmaster Mirot, all the "a wayfarer" mobs agro, all spouting off,

"You traitor, we've been waiting for you" type messages. They all hit for around 600. I believe there were 6 of them, all blue at 70.

Kill the wayfarers that aggro, and the camp immediately respawns full of undead and a new version of Taskmaster Mirot.

Kill the 6 skeletons and then kill Taskmaster Mirot, level 75. He casts AOE Feign Death.

Loot "Magically Sealed Letter"

Raid Strategy Info
Named: Taskmaster Mirot
Max hit: varies
Summons: Yes

Req. 4 Groups Max (May be fun to see if MM can pull this off alone)

1st pop: 6 NPC, No AE
2nd pop: 6 NPC + Level 75 Mirot + AE FD

The “a wayfarer” mobs hit for around 600. Should be about 6 of them, all level 65 mobs. All are mezzable, rootable, stunnable. All have fairly low HPs. You must kill them all in order to spawn the mob that drops the letter.

When the wayfarers are dead, the camp immediately respawns full of undead and a new version of Taskmaster Mirot.

The undead hit around 800+ and are all linked (no splitting). Seems the white skelly’s are mezzable and the brown ones may possibly be rooted or snared.

The new version of Taskmaster Mirot is level 75. He casts an AoE Feign Death.

Mirot will spawn the skellys to him if they go to far. Have 2 chanters(min!), 2 druid/ranger for root/snare, 1 shaman to slow, and all other DPS on named. When Mirot is dead, you can kill the skellys pretty easy.

Solo 5
Travel back to Nedaria’s Landing and see Tavon Vatsea

Turn in Magically Sealed Letter, receive "Dark Disciples Letter of Service"

Solo 6
Wakening Lands - Find Scout Leader Plavo

He can be found in the Southwest area near the Holgresh lair.
Facing Kael zone out, run N/NW to Holgresh Elder Caves.
Plavo is a level 70 Half-Elf Warrior

Turn in the “Dark Disciples Notice of Service“ to Scout Leader Plavo.
He will give nothing back.

You say, 'Hail, Scout Leader Plavo'

Scout Leader Plavo says ‘You are from the Faydwer camp are you? I’m not terribly familiar with the faces from there. Anyway, the scouts have been sent out, and are gathering the “parts” that we believe the Legion will need to prepare for the incursion into our realm. If we are to find their good graces, we must prove that we will stop at nothing to [aid] them.

You say, “aid them?”

Scout Leader Plavo says ‘They will research and learn about the greatest mortal beings in this realm. Learning about the creatures that may prove to be friend or foe, so they prepare for either. Our scouts have gathered most of the information that they need, but there are a few creatures that we still need to harvest brains from. Currently scouts are attempting to find the brain of the Shissar, a dragon, and an Akhevan. I am sure any of the scouts would welcome your assistance. I will send runners ahead to notify them you may be arriving.

Group 3 (3 Separate Outings)
Various Zones - Collect 3 brains

Note: Western Wastes Cannot be Done before you Speak with Plavo and turn in your Dark Disciples Notice of Service.

Part 1:
Western Wastes - Dragon Cerebrum - Scout Pirri

Loc 876.80, 2298.62, -21.50
Difficulty: Easy
Max Hit: 2000
Can be Kited
Summons: No
Req. 2 people to 1 group
Two hour respawn max
Spawns North of TOV

Part 2:
Akheva Ruins - Akhevan Brain Stem - Atulinae`Vius

Loc 556.22, -507.84, 25.75
Difficulty: Easy
Max Hit: 100
Can Solo
Summons: Yes
Req. 1 person
10 minutes to respawn
Spawns in room across from Itraer Vius Camp

Part 3:
Ssra Temple - Shissar Cerebral Cortex - An Elite Temple Guard on the 2nd level

There is no set spawn point for Elites in SSRA. Move up to floor 2, spawns can come from any mob you kill on this floor.

RAID #2 Wakening Lands
Wakening Lands - Find Scout Leader Plavo
Facing Kael zone out, run N/NW to Holgresh Elder Caves


Turn in brains to Plavo. Plavo despawns and a Dark Disciple Master spawns.

Defeat Dark Disciple Master and he despawns.

Raid Notes:
Recommended Raid Force of more than 6 Groups

Dark Disciple Master (Human in Robe)
AE = Deady Chants = -1500 Mana Pool + 100DoT(Tick) = 18 Seconds Apart
Max Hit 1-2k
Slowable : Yes (Very Resistant)
Messable : No
Rampage : Yes
Flurry : No

Plavo's Remains (Specter)
Spawns at 60%
Max Hit 1k
Slowable : Yes
Messable : No
Rampage : No
Flurry : Yes

Minion of the Master (Skeletons)
Spawns at 30% : 6 Minions(can be up to 10)
Max Hit 700
Slowable : Yes
Messable : No
Snareable : Yes
Rampage : No
Flurry : No

Spawns at 10%: Chest - Can use /open or Rogue to Pick, or just attack and destroy.

Receive: Aegis of Chaotic Worship

Dark Disciple Master: Very High DPS, 1-2K per swing, Casts AoE DD + Manadrain + Reflect spells, every 30 seconds. Highly Magic Resistant!

At 60% Spawns Plavo’s Remains - High DPS, Unmezzable

At 30% Spawns Minion of the Master - Avg DPS, Unmezzable

At 10% Approximately Dark Disciple Master Despawns and a Chest will appear.

Loot a shield called “Aegis of Chaotic Worship“

Solo 7
Nedaria's Landing - Find Tavon Vastsea standing next to the Magus

You hand the "Aegis of Chaotic Worship" to Tavon Vastsea

Tavon Vastsea says, 'Interesting, I heard about your fight with the leader of the Disciples. I've never seen anything like this. Take it to Borik Darkanvil in the Plane of Knowledge. Return to me when you are done with him, in the meantime I will try to find information on where he went after your fight.'

Solo 8
Plane of Knowledge - Find Borik Darkanvil (Smithing Supplies)
He can be found in the front smithing building.

You hand the "Aegis of Chaotic Worship" to Borik Darkanvil

Borik Darkanvil says, 'This is truly amazing. I've never seen a metal like this it is almost alive. It appears similar to some of the alloys that we have seen from the Legion, but this is like nothing I have ever seen. It suggest that the leader has been through the portal. I am afraid it will not be of any use to you in its current state, the metal is attuned to a single person. I believe the resonance can be changed, so you may use it. Speak to Navtil he will tell you what you need to do, I believe he has traveled through the portal for some metallurgical research in Discord.'

Solo 9
Ruined City of Dranik - Find Natvil at loc +988, -305

You say, ‘Hail, Natvil”

Natvil says, 'Greetings, well met, salutations, and good day! I hear you are trying to change the resonance on a shield from Discord. Well I believe that is something with which I can assist you. You will need to have a temper made from some of the native creatures of Discord, you'll need the plasma from one of the giants of Discord, one of those flying squids, and the blood from one of those fiery women. Brewing the temper should prove no trouble for you. Once you have the temper combine it with the shield in the forge with a flask of water, and it should become attuned to you. Once you are finished return to me, so I may evaluate your work.'

Group 4
Travel with a balanced group to collect:

* “Bazu Plasma” - from a Bazu in Walls of Slaughter

* ”Murkglider Plasma” - from Murkglider cave in Walls of Slaughter / Noble’s Causeway

* ”Pyrilen Plasma” - from a Dragorn Assassin in Walls of Slaughter.

You can also purchase these items in the bazaar since they are droppable items.

Solo 10 - The Final Steps!
Tradeskills (Brewing & Smithing)

Combine the 3 Plasma in a brew barrel to produce "Soul Temper"

Combine "Soul Temper", "Aegis of Chaotic Worship", and a flask of water in a forge

Receive: Harmony of the Soul

Congratulations on Epic 1.5!!!

End of "borrowed" little note...

I hope that serves you well clerics and that you find it useful in your quest. This would appear to include virtually everything you need to know in one convenient place.


rosleck (Member) 11/10/2005 5:18 AM EST : RE: A Helpful and Complete set of notes for Clerics o...
Posts: 2019

I swear to Marr Im gonna start knocking off this epic..........over 1 year in guild and 0 self goals met.....

Politicians and diapers have one thing in common. They should both be changed regularly and for the same reason.

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537473877_Inactive (Applicant) 11/10/2005 9:39 AM EST : RE: A Helpful and Complete set of notes for Clerics o...

Posts: 198

It's OK Brave. It really is. It's not your fault at all. It's women. Women take your time away from important things like epic quests and before you know it, well, there goes another year... Women who are Bards for example are famous for this. They intoxicate and distract you with thier songs of love and there goes another night you could have been doing something productive like questing or killing stuff. You've probably experienced this yourself I would imagine. Believe me, none of the men of MM will fault you for this. We've all been through it at one time or another.

I should start keeping notes here. I think so far I've got one Pally who's going to pull something bad my way and odds are I just added a Bard. Hmmm....

Seriously though, taken a step at a time, this is so doable. But when you read the whole thing, it's like oh, man... there's so much to do there. Actually, the 10 little solo things are simple, fast and just plain fun. The three drops at the end, you can buy cheaply in the bazaar, at least they were cheap last I knew. That saves time. Unless you happen to feel like hunting them just for fun.

The group stuff is so doable for MM and it's just a matter of picking a date and time and posting for some help. Bingo, before you know it, you'll have been to Barindu and come away with your first drop.

I'd say, if you've not gone to Nedaria's lately and have yet to pay a call on you know who... go do it tonight. It only takes a few and you can feel like you've really begun, simple as it is because you will have. Once done, I'd say look at your own schedule and time for play and pick the next free time others are usually around and post for a group to help you go there. I wish I could offer to come help but obviously, I have a little work to do before I can be much help to anyone. But I am very sure if it's a time folks can come that they will.

It's like the old saying about "One Day At A Time" I guess. I'd say, look at the above list one item at a time and try to do maybe one a week, even if it's a 5 minute solo one. If you do that, you will have your epic in about 3 months tops I'd say. That kind of works well depending on where you are with SNCR ratio as I think you'd need around 4 ratio points per SNCR raid to help you. So basically, as far as I understood and Deevan would know for sure, I think you need to do 4 SNCRs per raid you want help with. So unless you've got ratio banked, you need 8 weekends of Saturday night raids anyway. Deevan of course, could speak about this with authority if you yourself don't already know. I think it is basically 4 points per raid though.

Forgive me for stating the obvious if you already knew any or all of that. It's meant to be a little nudge and encouragement is all. A journey of a 1000 miles begins with a single step, is how I think the saying goes. A little visit to ole Mr. Vastsea tonight and stop by the bazaar and you could check off four items today with little time spent and feel pretty good about having started.

rosleck (Member) 11/10/2005 10:06 AM EST : RE: A Helpful and Complete set of notes for Clerics o...
Posts: 2019

Doing the epic is not a issue, finding the free time to work on it and fond the groups is.

Politicians and diapers have one thing in common. They should both be changed regularly and for the same reason.

No alternate text supplied.

537473877_Inactive (Applicant) 11/11/2005 6:01 AM EST : RE: A Helpful and Complete set of notes for Clerics o...

Posts: 198

Yeah, I hear that loud and clear. I am dying to get rolling with my new guy here but I keep having too much stuff to attend to in RL and then when I finally do have some time come the end of the day, I've been too damned tired honestly to log in and play. But it's not forever and lots of good things are falling into place, so the glass is at least half full as they say and I'm looking forward to my new adventures coming up very much.

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