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Welcome to Majestic Might

Welcome to the homepage of Majestic Might.

Majestic Might is a family guild that raids casually both on our own and as a member of the Norrathian Council of Guilds (NCG).

Our goal as a guild is to provide a friendly, helpful, fun atmosphere in which to play and grow within the world of Norrath.

We DO NOT have a mandatory raid schedule, we have guild night, and NCG offers several raids throughout the week, however the amount of raiding you wish to do is entirely your choice.

Our current recruitment requirements are;

  • You must be unguilded before submitting an application.
  • You must be registered on our forums and fill out an application on the site (a guild portal mechanic).
  • We  recommend  you do not join us unless you are above level 55 as most of our guild is 65+ and members below level 55 would struggle to find grouping within the guild.
  • At this time we are currently accepting applications for Mains only. If you are looking for a guild to place you alts in and keep your main elsewhere, then we are not the guild for you.
  • If you are a member of another NCG guild looking to transfer to MM, we encourage you to discuss this with your Guild Leader before applying.

After you have submitted an application, an officer will contact you in game as soon as possible. If you feel that too much time has elapsed since you submitted an application, or that there might have been some technical difficulties with the application page, please contact an officer in game.

Any person reapplying to Majestic Might will have their application considered and voted on by the officers on a case-by-case basis.  Their status will be decided and made known to them within 7 days.

If you are leaving an NCG guild and are applying to us, we may speak to your old guild leadership, to ensure there will be no issues with you becoming a member of our guild.
Anguish Trip
No alternate text supplied.

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Posted by Graytis (18th April 08)
Fableds are back!!
Well the Fableds are back and we have discovered Fabled Versions of some of our very own Mights!

The Fabled Graytis ... Gimp Paladin Extraordinaire!!

He has the following scary effects.
  1. /moon raid (speaks for itself really)
  2. AE "No slays, no slays OMG where are my slays??" which does a whopping 1 DPS on the raid member of his choice (usually me).
  3. AE "Horse Dung" conal rear AE, snares everyone behind him when he jumps onto his mighty steed.
He drops the Fabled Gimp Mask of Freeport (Modeled below by said Paladin).
HP 200, Mana -100, AC 30, Agi -10, Dex -10, Str +10.
Effect - Fatal Blindness - Your mask slips over your eyes, increasing your damage, but lowering your accuracy.
Focus - Mana Preservation of the Gimp - Your mask binds your mouth saving you mana by preventing you speaking your incantations!!

No alternate text supplied.

Fabled Donbayne.. Rangers R Us!!

I should warn you he has two very nasty effects;
  1. AE Ear Trumpets, - You are whacked repeatedly by an old man swinging his ear trumpet around crabbily. (50 dmg resist check ear wax)
  2. AE Senility - you suddenly forget what you're doing here and start limping around in circles crying "Where's my teeth!!!" (single target - ranger only - resist check /played time)
Drops the Fabled Zimmer Frame of Kelethin
2HB, delay 500, damage 50, HP 150, INT -10, WIS -10, Agi -10, Dex -10, Sta - 10, STR -10, CHA -20
Clicky - Port to Retirement Home - You find yourself at your bind spot, naked and with no idea how you got there!
No alternate text supplied.

Submitted by Laniele (16 March 08).
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